1. Apply felt pads under the legs of all furniture. Sliding any furniture on the hardwood will scratch or make impression marks on the surface.
  2. High heels should be kept in good condition. A 110lb woman in high heels applies 1400lbs per square inch on pressure on the floor.
  3. If there are pets, keep their nails trimmed and the ends smooth.
  4. Sweep, vacuum or dust mop the floor regularly. Dirt left on the floor is like a sandpaper that can dull the finish.
  5. Wipe spills immediately with a damp cloth. Excessive moisture left on the surface can harm the finish.
  6. Use mat or scatter rug/s near the sink and dishwasher. This reduces moisture exposure.
  7. Clean marks or tough stains with Acetone. Fingernail polish remover will not harm the finish.
  8. Always clean the floor with a known branch wood floor cleaner.


  1. Do not wet mop your wood floor. Water raise grain on the surface of the wood and eventually dulls the finish.
  2. Do not pour cleaners or liquid directly on the floor. Always pour the cleaning liquid on a mop or cloth.
  3. Do not use a household dust treatment (Endust, etc.). This may scratch the surface.
  4. Do not use household cleaners or detergents on the wood floor.
  5. Do not use an electric wood floor cleaner.
  6. Do not use sprayer mop. It will damage the finish.
  7. Do not use a scraper to remove dirt from the floor, it might scratch the surface of the wood floor.
  8. Do not use sandpaper on the floor.
  9. Do not use chairs with rollers on a wood floor. It will damage the finish.
  10. Do not jump with high heels on your floor.
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