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Vinyl flooring comes in different types, different top layers, and different decorative processes which can make choosing difficult. Learn more about the variations to choose from in order to find the right one that will fit your style and function well with the room. The following classifications will aid you in determining what to look for when looking for vinyl flooring for your home.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

1.- Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring is considered the best selling vinyl flooring in the market. It is the ideal choice for those who will be covering a large area. It is also the most resilient because of the limited seams where dirt and moisture can penetrate with improper sealing.

2.- Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tiles are usually 1 foot squares of flooring which commonly imitate stone or ceramic flooring. Though they take longer to install than sheet flooring, they are easy enough for DIY installation. Vinyl tiles are also easier to repair than sheet flooring since only the specific ruined tiles need to be peeled off and replaced.

3.- Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl planks usually resemble wood planks and have lengths of about 36 inches. Similar to vinyl tiles, these are easier to install and repair than sheet flooring.

Vinyl Floor Construction


1.- Layered Composite

The layered composite vinyl is the most common vinyl flooring. It has four layers made up of a bottom backing either in felt, fiberglass,or vinyl. This is covered by a core of liquid polyvinyl choloride (PVC) layer and filler. This is topped by the decorative layer followed by a protective clear vinyl wear layer.

2.- Homogenous or Solid

The Homogenous vinyl has a solid or uniform construction through and through with no backing layer.

3.- Inlaid

With inlaid vinyl, a vinyl backing is supplemented by granules of vinyl which is heated with the protective or wear layer. A vinyl floor product with patterns and colors is created which remains consistent even if the top layer starts to deteriorate.

Vinyl Protective or Wear Layer

1.- Vinyl no–wax

This is the least durable protective layer for vinyl but has smoother finish. It still resist normal stains or scratches, but requires regular cleaning and polishing to restore the glow.

2.- Urethane (PVC)

Urethane wear layers keep the appearance of vinyl longer than the no-wax layer. These are the types that have textures to imitate stone or ceramic patterns.

3.- Enhanced Urethane:

The most durable wear layer for vinyl is enhanced urethane which provides resistance to most elements. Dirt and stains do not stick to the surface and cleaning is a cinch. However, it is still prone to fading if exposed to extreme sunlight.

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