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The Beauty & Purity of the Lotus

The LotusFX™ flower has long been a symbol of innocence and beauty that resists the impurity of the muddy waters from where it resides. Though it constantly submerges itself in unclean waters and is subjected to various contaminants in its environment, it rises in the morning still pristine and untouched by dirt.This very nature of the LotusFX™ has made it a symbol of continuous rebirth even by the early Egyptians.

For thousands of years, it likewise symbolized enlightenment that results in longevity. Even the coming of the new age could not deny that the LotusFX™ was the embodiment of the strength and splendor of staying pure and pristine.

The Resilience of Stainmaster® Carpets

Invista understands that the major consumer concern with carpets is maintenance and durability. Taking its inspiration from nature itself, the company developed the LotusFX™ Fiber Shield Technology for their Stainmaster® Carpets. Just as the LotusFX™ has an innate ability to prevent soil particles from sticking to its surface, so does Stainmaster® Carpets infused with the LotusFX™ Fiber Shield.Technology which keeps the carpet 30% cleaner and 50% longer than other carpets.* Moreover, liquid spills bead up on the carpet surface which make it

difficult to penetrate. With the LotusFX™ Fiber Shield Technology, carpet cleaning and maintenance is no longer a nightmare for any household. Rest assured that the soft luxury and elegance of Stainmaster® Carpets were not compromised with this new technological breakthrough. Now, you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of a Stainmaster® carpet without worrying about dirt, grime, and spills.

* Results based on testing of statistically representative sample of carpets with comparable construction, styles, and colors.

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