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Cabinet hardware is far more than just the “icing on the cake”. These finishing touches are as much about function as they are beauty.

Our adjustable, self-closing hinges carry a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Fully concealed hinges are six-way adjustable with 110 degree access. Optional exposed fine furniture hinges are four-way adjustable and open a full 180 degrees. Drawer Pulls

Our drawer pulls are made to exacting specifications and are available in a variety of metal tones, finishes, and styles and you can choose from two collections.

Signature Collection

Portfolio Collection


PP01-Pull 288 MM CC Venetian Bronze
PP03-Pull 128 MM CC Venetian Bronze
PK05-Knob 1" Dull Bronze 1-3/16" diameter

PP07-Pull 4" CC Weathered Nickel
PP09-Pull 96 MM CC Satin Nickel

PP11-Pull 96 MM CC Swirled Brushed Nickel
PP13-Pull 96 MM Brushed Nickel

PP15-Pull 96 MM CC Rustic Copper
PP17-Pull 3" CC Dark Antique
PP19-Cup Pull 2-3/4" CC ATG
PK21-T-Bar Knob 3/8" WN 2-1/2" x 1/2"
PP23-Pull 128 MM CC Rustic Tin
PK25-Knob 34 MM Rustic Tin 1-3/8 diameter
PK27-Knob 1-7/16 x 11/16 Venetian Bronze
PK29-Knob 30 X 35 MM Venetian Bronze
PK02-Knob 3/4" Venetian Bronze
PP04-Pull 128 MM CC Dull Bronze
PK06-Knob 3/4" Weathered Nickel 1-3/16" diameter
PP08-Pull 128 MM CC Satin Nickel
PK10-Knob 7/16" Brushed Nickel 1-3/16" diameter
PK12-Knob 1" Brushed Nickel 1-3/16 diameter
PK14-Knob 15/16" Rustic Copper 1-3/16 diameter
PK16-Knob 1-1/4" Dark Antique
PK18-Rustic Knob 5/8" ATG 1-1/4" diameter
PK20-Knob 5/8" ATG 1-1/4 diameter
PP22-Pull 96 MM Weathered Nickel
PK24-Square Twist Knob 3/8" WN 1-3/16" diameter
PP26-Cup Pull 3" CC Venetian Bronze
PP28-Pull 3" CC Venetian Bronze
PP30-Pull 128 MM Venetian Bronze
Portfolio Collection

Signature Collection


SK01-Knob 1-1/4" Diameter Satin Nickel
SP03-Pull 4" CC Rustic
SK05-Knob 1-1/4" Diameter Chrome
SP07-Pull 128 MM CC Metro Steel Bar Satin Nickel
SP09-Pull 96 MM CC Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlight
SP11-Cup Pull 3" CC Satin Nickel
SP13-Pull 96 MM CC Satin Nickel

SP15-Pull 3" CC Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlight
SP17-Pull 128 MM CC Antique Copper
SP19-Pull 96 MM CC Black Iron
SP21-Cup Pull 96 MM CC Black Iron

SK23-Knob 1-1/4" Square Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlight
SP02-Pull 128 MM CC Satin Nickel
SK04-Knob 1.17 Diameter Rustic
SP06-Pull 96 MM CC Chrome
SP08-Pull 160 MM CC Metro Steel Bar Satin Nickel
SK10-Knob 1-1/4" Diameter Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlight
SK12-Knob 1-1/4" Oval Satin Nickel
SK14-Knob 1-1/4" Square Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlight
SK16-Knob 1-1/4" Diameter Antique Copper
SP18-Pull 128 MM CC Black Iron
SK20-Knob 1-1/4" Diameter Black Iron
SP22-Pull 96 MM CC Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlight
SP24-Pull 128 MM CC Oil Rubbed Bronze Highlight
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