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Bamboo flooring is actually processed into two different types of bamboo floor planks. These can either be engineered bamboo flooring or solid bamboo flooring. Engineered bamboo flooring is not processed from pure bamboo. The surface bamboo planks are supported by a variety of materials underneath and are usually described or identified by the number of plies. The more plies there are to an engineered bamboo flooring, the more stable the bamboo floor. This means that it is more resistant to contraction or expansion than solid bamboo flooring. The engineered bamboo flooring can also be described as more stable as it also resists cupping.

Due to its stability, engineered bamboo flooring is ideal for dry or humid climates. It is more resistant to moisture that it is even more stable than hardwood flooring. As such, it is ideal for basements or for installation on concrete surfaces.

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Engineered Bamboo
Engineered Bamboo
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