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Aside from the various types of wood, the size, and finish, hardwood flooring can also be classified according to the edges. The type of edge can also affect the look of any hardwood floor. Each type can distinctly match the design of a room or home.

Types of Edges

There are 4 types of edges to choose from when choosing your hardwood floor.

hardwood edges

1.- Beveled

The edges of each hardwood plank are grooved, forming a deep V in between planks. Though some fear that they are harder to maintain since the grooves can collect dirt and small stones, these are coated with urethane finish by manufactures which seal the edges completely, making it easier to vacuum or sweep the hardwood floor. Beveled edges are commonly used for uneven hardwood flooring.

2.- Micro Bevel/Eased

These are planks with just a slight bevel to the edges – usually cut at a 45-degree angle on both the length of the plank and the end joints. Like the beveled-edged plank, the eased edge plank is a good choice for country style homes and give a more comfortable or informal theme to any room.

3.- Squared

The edges literally meet squarely with no space between each plank. This creates a smooth and seamless hardwood floor. This type of hardwood plank is suitable for contemporary home. It gives a more formal or structured feel to any room.

4.- Distressed

This type of edge match hand-scraped, wire-brushed, or distressed hardwood floor planks. The edges are irregular with slight imperfections that give any room a lived-in or vintage look.

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