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Carpet cleaning not only keeps your home looking fresh and tidy, but it also extends the life of your carpet. Soil that has ground in can weaken carpet fibers. Grit and dirt that rub against the fibers can also damage your carpet. Carpet cleaning also ensures that your room smells fresh and protects your family from allergens that can trigger asthma or other respiratory diseases.
Vacuums are always considered the best tool for carpet cleaning. Manufacturers often recommend one day per week per person in the

household for regular vacuuming of carpets. A vacuum with dual motors with a beater bar or rotating brush is highly recommended to clean your carpet. This type of vacuum loosens dirt better than other types of vacuum. It is also best to ask the carpet manufacturer regarding the type of vacuum that can damage your carpet. A vacuum with a beater bar or brush can actually damage thick loop pile carpets or Berber. For carpets with thicker or longer piles, it is best to use only the suction type vacuum.

Aside from the regular cleaning, carpets should also be subjected to deep cleaning every 1 or 2 years. This involves steam cleaning, spraying of high-pressure solution, and vacuuming. Some stores rent steam cleaning equipment that can be used for this process. You may consult your manufacturer’s guide to cleaning or hire a professional to do this type of carpet cleaning.

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Aside from regular carpet cleaning, it is also best to follow some tips on maintenance that can further extend the life of your carpet.

  • Once an accident or spill happens, immediately clean the spot with the use of cleaning fluids or kits. Before applying any solution, remove the excess spill or liquid with a clean absorbent cloth by blotting (do not wipe since this can spread the stain further). When applying a cleaning solution, use paper towels or clean absorbent cloth. Do not soak the carpet with the solution and blot the solution from the edge of the stain working towards the center to prevent spreading. Wait for 3 minutes for the solution to do the job, then blot the spot again with clean water and make sure to remove any residue.
  • For crushed or flattened fibers, the fibers can be pulled up with a steam iron. Just hold the steam iron over the spot and take care not to allow the iron to touch the fibers.
  • Indentations left by furniture can be repaired by letting an ice cube melt over the spot. This will also help the carpet fibers to rise again.
  • If your carpet is damaged, the best solution is to hire a professional to fix the problem for you.
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