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Before buying a carpet, there may be several things you may want to consider and questions you may need to ask depending on the area to be covered, the values you hold, or your budget. High-traffic areas or those that are prone to dirt require carpets that are more tightly woven such as frieze or texture carpets. These have shorter and twisted fibers which make carpet cleaning easier and likewise hide vacuum and footprints better than other types.

You may also need to ask about stain and dirt resistance for areas such as the kitchen or dining room. Though most new carpets are treated to repel stains, each brand differs in the quality of the treatment. Some will retain its protection only after a few times of carpet cleaning. It is also best to inquire about anti-static treatments or even crush resistance for areas that will hold more furniture.

For more luxury and comfort, you may prefer the more plush or shag types that may be ideal for bedrooms. Though these are comfortable under your feet, remember that carpet cleaning will be more difficult and the longer fibers may retain more dust and dirt. They also retain foot or vacuum marks unlike those with shorter fibers.Thus, they are not ideal for areas with high foot traffic. Some homeowners also consider installing carpet cushions or pads for additional comfort. Cushions are also known to increase the durability of carpets over time.

Once you have chosen a type and brand that fits your requirement and budget, it would then be a good time to consider the colors and design. It is always good to get good ideas from the experts or browse through home improvement magazines or websites. Most sellers would also be more than willing to show you designs and ideas that would best fit the area where you want your carpet.

Carpet Installation

carpet installation
Preparing for carpet installation is pretty much easy once you have a general idea on the basics of installation. Though some who possess the skills prefer to do their own installation or removal of old carpets, it is still best to allow the expert installers to do it to make sure everything is perfect.Since installation will involve gluing of seams, it is best to clean the entire room for the installation to make sure no dust or dirt can interfere.

Once the old carpet has been removed, make another round of cleaning with your vacuum to eliminate excess dust and dirt that may have come from the removal. During installation, make sure your installer double-glues the seams to avoid fuzzing and delamination. To prevent wrinkles, remind your installer to power stretch the carpet. Finally, make sure there are no hindrances to swinging of doors or other furnishings.

After installation, vacuum the carpet to eliminate any loose fibers. Sometimes, newly-installed carpets sprout or shed fibers for a couple of days. Do not pull these fibers to avoid any damage. Just clip them with a sharp pair of scissors. Remember to check after a few days that the smell from the installation should have dissipated with proper ventilation. If the smell is retained after a week of ventilation or you see any type of wrinkling, call your installer to make the necessary repairs.

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